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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gas Mask Selfie

I'm sorry to say this, but we as a group have not done so well at updating our blog. To fill you in on what's been up, I've just finished my most recent piece. I designed a cover for this online magazine. It talks about various global issues including the protests that have been happening in Brazil. These kids are using cell phones and tablets to report on what's actually happening in Brazil. Hence the gas
mask selfie. Click the link and check out the magazine even if it's in another language. Also, I was featured in the magazine.

http://issuu.com/guerrilhagrr/docs/grr_guerrilha_-_ed1  (Okay, so the link won't work. You might try to copy and paste it. I couldn't figure it out. My bad.)

Have a good one! If you're an aspiring artist or just a fan, please feel free to ask us questions. We'll even do a post about it.