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Monday, August 4, 2014


Second dragon I fleshed out from a sketch of mine. Lots of fun. :)


-Tyler Justice

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dragon Portraits

The past month or so I've gone easy on myself and have been doing small projects for fun and trying new techniques. Like this dragon sketch I did for the Inktober challenge. Why? Because dragons.

A little process:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Destroyer of Worlds

Howdy, Thomas Kirkeberg again. Here's my very first painting after finishing school. It was a a bit harder than originially planned, because I struggled to find a suit design I liked. Also, lighting started to come from all over the place. I think I need to figure out more in the early stages, but rushing through a painting to meet a deadline is a habit that dies hard. Also, shooting reference is a bit trickier now that I’m alone and not surrounded by art students ready and able to help. However, these are challenges that shall be overcome.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Banner of the North

Hello all!
So yesterday I finished this painting called "Banner of the North", it has been about 2 months or so since I have posted anything. Last may I attended to Spectrum Live and there was where I got the inspiration to do a female warrior piece. I have also been wanting to do a piece related to nordic culture since I have been so into Norway and Scandinavian countries lately so I figured why not.
Anyway this is done with watercolors, acrylics, inks and digital. =)

Thanks y'all!!!
Luis Uzcategui

Saturday, May 17, 2014


So I finished another painting and thought I would write a bit about my process.

First of all I knew I wanted to do something twice as big as my last piece, and I also wanted to try a color palette I hadn't used much in the past. I decided on a cool color palette focusing mostly on purples since the painting was intended to hang in my living room and the purple would look nice with the yellowgreen walls :) I also knew I wanted to paint a gryphon since I never have before.

I started by researching eagles and lions and was happy to find lots of cool action poses for reference.

It was a fun challenge to find the right combination of poses that I thought would make the ideal attack pose for a gryphon. I also decided I wanted to have a rider on the gryphon so there would be some sort of teamwork between rider and mount to slay an unwelcome wyvern.

After many thumbnails I arrived at the composition above. First I did a quick color/value study, which I then used as reference when doing the final line drawing, which I then digitally painted on top of for my final study before the actual painting.

Here is the next month's worth of painting sessions (roughly each frame was one sitting) You'll notice a few things changed quite a bit from the color study and also during the painting. Things like the windows and the wyverns head I ended up repainting to make sure I really got them right. It was painful but I learned a lot by not being complacent.

And the finished piece.


17x24.5 on canvas

I'm really starting to like acrylic, I have a lot of experimentation to do with this new medium, and I'm definitely not as proficient with it as I would like to be. I would also like to try painting on masonite or illustration board. The canvas texture is nice but can be annoying at times, especially getting a good photo.

If anyone has any ideas for a new challenge for me to try I would love to hear it! Otherwise I will hopefully have a new painting for you in a month or two.

Monday, April 7, 2014

"Something That Never Comes"

In the distance I searched,
In a place where there was only emptiness.
A vast land filled with fog and broken dreams.
I sacrificed my search of hope to at least find sadness,
But found nothing.

I was embraced by the chasm of depression,
Happiness polluted by hollow words.
Footsteps that could no longer be lifted off of the ground and knees that have grown roots,

I was lost,
Nobody came to my aid,
Instead I was left to weep for an eternity as I searched for infinity,
I dipped my hands into love and only felt what it is to be broken,

I am lost.
I have chosen to forget emotion,
Give up attachments and plea for nothing.
I have taken refuge in isolation because it is the only love in which whom has not fully destroyed me.

Isolation is my only guarantee, and you,
You told me I could find you in the midst of these times,
But I have long forgotten life in my search through poignancy,
Looking for another answer besides that nothing will come.

Hope belongs to us all,
But it was stolen by manic disbelief, dismembered and left in areas where creatures now lurk. In places we once found beauty and are now too afraid to go.
Incapable of progression due to the comfort of isolation, we can’t be hurt if we have nothing left to give nor can we be hurt if we have nothing left to be taken.

I yearned that I could find an emotion that is somehow connected to forgiveness,
But as I search through these limitless planes,
I have forgotten what hope was.

Forgotten what my search entails and have embraced the only understanding that I am assured.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brimstone and Hellfire

Hello all,
So I have finally finished the Second piece of my Lord of the Rings collection. This one here should have been done some time ago but life got in the way... oops. Anyway, here it is! Hope you like it and enjoy.

-Luis Uzcategui